Application form help and basics

Application form basics

Filing in an application form correctly is one of the most important things that you can do when applying for a new job. It is very often the first thing that an employer sees of you. It is your introduction and your stepping stone to the next stage of the employment process and for this reason, you really need to make sure that it counts.

First things first, the chances are that you won’t get the job you’re after. I’m not saying that to put you off applying, I’m saying that because statistically, more people apply for positions than the number of positions available. Taking this in to account you must then write your application form in such a way that makes you stand out and stacks the odds of you progressing to the interview stage in your favour.

Application form fundamentals

You should put all your effort in to making sure that your form really stands out. There are a few basics that you must get right from the get go or the answers that you give would not even count. You must first ensure that your form is filled in both neatly and correctly. This means making sure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes as well as making sure that you’ve only filled in the correct and required sections.

Check your job application’s spelling, grammar and punctuation

Spelling and grammar mistakes can indicate a lot about a job applicant. Making mistakes here can say to the employer that this person is careless or lazy. We all make these mistakes but there is no excuse for not going back over your form and discovering them.

You need to check and re-check your application form. Get family and friends to help you here. A second person’s opinion can be invaluable, especially when you’ve been filling in your form all day and your brain becomes tired of looking at it.

Unfortunately people don’t often follow this advice and submit their forms unchecked. This is such a waste of time. If you’ve taken the time to fill in the entire form, why not spend 5 to 10 more minutes checking it through and really making it count?

Filing in your application form

To type or not to type? That is the question. My advice to you would be always type your application forms where possible.

Most people have computer scanners in their home these days, so even if you’ve received a physical application form it can be easy to scan it in and type it. This gives you several advantages. One it does away with your any frustrating spelling mistakes that can cause you to have to write our your entire form again. Two, you can draft your answers out before your final copy and three, it looks so much neater.

For specific application form help, feel free to consult authorities on the matter. Books and web-sites aimed at helping you can be great. For example check out


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