Presenting the right image on your application form

Presenting the right job application

Application forms are becoming the weapon of choice for a lot of jobs. Over the past 10 years there has been a marked increase in the number of companies employing this method for the initial vetting of job applicants.

It’s easy to see why this has happened. When a company creates an application form they are getting the exact information that they want from you. By not relying on a CV which presents a general overview of candidates, they can ask specific relevant questions that get to the core of the key-skills they are looking for job applicants to have.

How to think about an application form

You should see an application form as a window of opportunity. It is your chance to shine. As I previously mentioned, employers are asking specific questions and it is these questions that you can use to draft your answers. Try and read between the lines of a question and don’t simply take it at face value. Think about what qualities and key-words are they looking for.

You can often find the answers to the key words that you should include in your application form on the company’s website. Very often employers have a ‘company values’ section that outlines exactly what they expect of their employees and what their principles are in how they conduct their business. You should use the qualities that they mention word for word and be prepared to back them up with your personal experiences.

Use the correct information on your application form

It can be tempting to bend the truth, many people often go past this point and outright lie. You should not do this. Not only is it unethical but it can really land you in trouble at the interview stage either when the employer questions you on experience that you’ve mentioned or later when they conduct a background check.

Your best bet is to stick to the truth. Make sure your information is filled in accurately and correctly and information such as criminal convictions are filled in truthfully.


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