Refining you application form technique

application form technique

It is not uncommon for job seekers to have to fill in numerous application forms for many different companies. It is also reasonable to expect that some of these application forms submitted will not be successful. There are a whole host of reasons why your application form may not be successful and that you don’t progress on the the interview stage.

Many of these reasons may be out of your control. An example of this is if the posstion has already been filled without you knowing or the requirements for the role has changed. These are the sort of thing that you can’t do anything about yet still remain extremely frustrating. There are however times when your application for is unsuccessful because of something you’ve done.

Whatever the reason is that your application for has been unsuccessful, it can be turned in to a valuable learning experience and an opportunity for you to refine you application for technique.

Turn your failures in to success

Very often failure at this stage can be extremely valuable if looked at in the right way. Say for example that a company has contacted you to say that they will not be invited for an interview, you can use this opportunity to your advantage. Ask them directly for feedback, very often they will give a generic answer but if you push them further for example by following up with a phone call or email you can often glean valuable information.

Application form markers will often give you pieces of information that if inserted in to your form may have made you successful. You may be thinking, well I haven’t got the job so why bother? The reason to do this follow up each and every time is because it can very often help you with your other application forms.

Should that same company recruit again in the future for the same or a similar possition. You’ll have a distinct advantage over other applicants in the sesne that you already know some of the things that they may be looking for.

Remember, it doesn’t take much time to seek feedback. Make sure you do because it can be invaluable to you.


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