Making every job application count

Make your application count

Make your application count

It is important to remember when filling in a large number application forms that every form could be the one that lands you your desired job. It is therefore important that you put equal effort into every single form that you fill out. It can be tempting to go through the motions and change single words and phrases to match the company that you’re applying to.

What you need to do is make sure that you tailor your application form to each individual company. This means spending more time filling in your application form but this can really pay off in the end if you land the job that you want.

Tailor your application form covering letter

If there is an opportunity to provide A covering letter make sure that this is tailored exactly to meet your company profile. See another of our post for tips on how to complete a covering letter. Some key tips for this are, you should look at important and key statistics on the company that you were applying for, information such as this can be gleaned from the company website,Twitter feed or other social media outlets. This information can then be included in your cover letter,For example and the reasons why you are playing for the role.

Writing your cover letter this way Demonstrate that you have done background reading on the company and shows enthusiasm for the role that you acquainted.If you were to write a generic covering letter,It is usually easy for the application for markers to see this.This can reflect poorly on you as an applicant and can cost you the job in the long run.It really is worth the extra effortOf writing a tailored and unique cover letter.

Be ahead of the crowd

Give yourself every advantage when applying for a job. One great tip is to be early in submitting your application form. To give you the best chance of doing this you should always monitor the website of company that you Are applying to.This will enable you to be one of the first candidates to complete their application form, you are one of the first people that they see and hopefully one of the most memorable.


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