Using the internet to apply for jobs

Applying for jobs on the internet

There has never been an easier time to find job vacancies. The internet has given recruiters and employers an almost unlimited reach. Job applicants should therefore learn to use the internet to their advantage, if done incorrectly though, applicants can find the internet to be a blunt tool.

There are so many sources of job vacancies available. Just do a search on Google for job vacancies in your area and you’ll likely find thousands of results and most of them will be irrelevant. There are literally thousands of job sites offering you places to work, however as most job applicants discover a lot of them are duplicates and many of them not suited to their skills.

Use job sites to your advantage

In order to take full advantage of the internet’s capabilities when searching for a job, there are a few things that you need to do.

Make your resume or CV work for you. Upload you CV to as many CV banks such as and let it do the work for you. Make sure when you upload it to sites such as these that you really highlight the relevant and key skills needed for your desired role as searches for applicants depends on a computer searching through thousands of resumes in order to find something relevant. You need to make the search easy and clear for the computers to find you.

You should also make it clear exactly what type of role it is that you’re looking for. It is inevitable that you’ll get calls from recruiters for roles that aren’t suitable, this is very often laziness on their part. You can cut down on these unnecessary calls however by clearly stating the type of job that you’re after.

Use Social Media to apply for jobs

You should also use social media to your advantage when looking for a job. Follow the companies and industry leaders in your chosen field or area. These people can often alert you early to job vacancies as they arise. As well as this it can be a means for you to interact with the people who may become your employers, you can often find out by asking what type of qualities and candidates they are looking for.


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